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How to Create a Bullet Journal
Keeping a bullet journal is a great way to organise your life, you can write wish lists, books you want to read, manage your daily tasks, track and organise your time, all in one place. It is an easy system that helps you stay organised and on top of your goals, while letting your creativity run wild. In this Blog Post we want to share with a few ideas of how you too can create your own Bullet Journal.
Five Ways to Refresh Your Desk
Summer is the time of year filled with joy and fun, so why not add that vibe to your workspace too? Weather you are back at the office or at home, this will not only help you feel more positive but the change of scenery actually helps you stay more alert. In this blog post we are showing you how you can do that with a few easy tweaks.
Summer Wishlist
Summer is officially here! We have put together a small list of summer essentials to see you through your next beachside adventure! With vibrant colours and fresh designs these essentials are perfect for those of you who aren’t afraid to get adventurous with your vacation style.
What Accessories do I need for my MacBook?
Buying a new MacBook is one of the most satisfying experiences. Whilst it is great having an amazing piece of technology, is there anything else you need in order to get the most out of your shiny new MacBook? Have you thought about protecting it from dings and scratches? Or simply make it more personal? Well, we have a few suggestions!
Summer Collection 2019
Summer is just around the corner so we recently welcomed our new Summer designs for 2019! Featuring fresh citrus fruits, sea life and our favourite florals. Summer is the time of year when everything comes to life, so we want our collection to be a celebration of it. View the full collection here.
Dessi Designs Wedding Section
Last year we introduced Dessi Designs Wedding Section, where you can find elegant and unique wedding invitations and gifts. Since then we have designed a few custom projects, including Wedding Invitations, Table Numbers, RSVPs and Order of Services. Working closely with our customers we based the final designs on their requirements and your unique wedding theme.
How to Choose the Best Phone Case for You
Smartphones are getting tougher with each day, and there are even a few waterproof models now, but most of them will not go through an accident without a scratch. To make sure your phone stays protected it is always best to use a phone case. But with so many out there how to choose the right one for you?
Dessi Designs Kawaii Collection
We are excited to show off our three brand new designs, based on the Japanese cultural phenomenon Kawaii. Some of you may wonder what is Kawaii or you have heard the name but are not sure what it is exactly? Have a read and discover the sensation that is Kawaii and what our our 3 new cute designs are.
Easy Easter Eggs Decoration
We want to share with you an easy way to decorate your Easter eggs in our first DIY Blog post. All you need is our Free Easter Template, which is available to download here in the blog post, a few bits and pieces, and your creativity!
3 Reasons to Love Our New Notebooks
As the National Stationery week approaches quickly (24th -30th April) we want to present to you our brand new Dessi Designs Notebooks. We love using notebooks, and there is always something oddly satisfying about starting a brand new one. Here are a few more reasons why you would love them...