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How to Choose the Best Phone Case for You
Smartphones are getting tougher with each day, and there are even a few waterproof phone models on the market now, but most of them will not go through an accident without a scratch. To make sure your expensive and luxurious phone stays protected it is always best to use a phone case. But with so many out there how to choose the right one for you?
Dessi Designs Kawaii Collection
We are excited to show off our three brand new designs, based on the Japanese cultural phenomenon Kawaii. Some of you may wonder what is Kawaii? Have a read and discover the sensation that is Kawaii and our 3 new cute designs.
Easy Easter Eggs Decoration
We want to share with you an easy way to decorate your Easter eggs in our first DIY Blog post. All you need is our Free Easter Template, which is available to download here in the blog post, a few bits and pieces, and your creativity!
3 Reasons to Love Our New Notebooks
As the National Stationery week approaches quickly (24th -30th April) we want to present to you our brand new Dessi Designs Notebooks. We love using notebooks, and there is always something oddly satisfying about starting a brand new one. Here are a few more reasons why you would love them...
How to Select Your MacBook Model
With so many MacBook models out there, it can be confusing figuring out what model case you need. Is your MacBook a Pro NonRetina? Are you sure you have the Late 2018 MacBook Air 13, or is it a MacBook Air from 2017? 

 This trick will tell you EXACTLY what MacBook you have!
Mother's Day Gift Ideas
With mother's day just around the corner you might be already thinking what to get your mom this year that is a bit more different and unique. Don’t worry, we have you covered with a few great ideas! From beautiful Floral Prints, to Pamper sets that will make your mom feel special and loved.
Spring Collection '19
Spring is here and is time to meet our brand new Spring collection, featuring four floral and joyful designs.
Welcome to our Blog!
A few years ago I started designing beautiful hand illustrated artwork that were produced here at Dessi Designs with a lot of care and attention to detail. Printed over a wide range of products my aim was always to bring joy to your daily life. With the launch of this blog we would like to continue inspiring you and help you live a more colourful life.