Meet Our Team
At Dessi Designs we are a small team of dedicated creatives, who want to create fun and inspiring products and deliver warm and welcoming customer service. In this blog post we will use this opportunity to introduce ourselves and make it even more personal by answering a few interesting questions.

In this blog post, we wanted to answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

Do you do custom orders?

Occasionally I do custom requested artwork and products. If you have any ideas in mind get in touch and I would be happy to assist.

Are the cases made of plastic or they are soft gel? 

All our cases are made out of hard plastic due to their durability and the printing process. We have noticed that the ink doesn't last as long on the soft cases and the colour also fades over time.

Are the sides printed too?

After editing the artwork digitally, it is then printed directly onto the case, which ensures its durability. The sides are left transparent due to the printing process. The final print has a nice smooth finish. Please note that on the more curved models there can be a slight fading on the edges, due to the way the case is produced.

is the print going to fade?

No, we use special UV inks that last for a very long time and are also scratch resistant.

I am not sure what my MacBook model is, how do I check? 

***NOT SURE WHAT MODEL YOUR LAPTOP IS, please check at the bottom of your device for the model number starting with A, followed by 4 digits as shown below:

A1465 / A1370 - Macbook Air 11"
A1278 - Macbook Pro 13" ( NON RETINA DISPLAY ) 
A1286 - Macbook Pro 15" (NON RETINA DISPLAY )
A1466 / A1369 - Macbook Air 13"
A1932- MacBook Air 13" 2018
A1502 / A1425 - Macbook Pro RETINA display 13"
A1398 - Macbook Pro RETINA display 15"
A1706 - MacBook Pro 13" 2016 - with Touch Bar
A1708 - MacBook Pro 13" 2016 - without Touch Bar
A1707 - MacBook Pro 15" 2016 - with Touch Bar

If I choose the option with NO logo can I see the apple shining through? 

It depends on the model. The older models had the apple logo lit up when the laptop is working and you can see that one slightly shining through due to the way the cases are produced. Also, the difference in the background that it provides, one being a light source and the other solid metal.

I have a model that is not listed in your options?

Not a problem at all. Although we try to stock as many models as we possibly can, some models aren't always readily available. if you can't find yours in the list of options, we are happy to look for a suitable case for it, just get in touch! :)

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