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Welcome to Dessi Designs

Here you can find HandMade Art to match your personality and help you make a statement with your gadgets/items. It is the perfect way to show your style and character. Great style is mix between confidence, creativity and self-expression.

My original designs are hand drawn and digitally developed before being printed directly onto a wide variety of products from device cases, such as MacBook Cases and Phone cases to Stationery and Homewear.

Designed and printed  with a lot of care (and Love ) we try to create unique and fresh products with outstanding quality.


NEW MODELS 29/09/2017
Excited for the new iPhone models released recently? So are we :)
Now available with our Dessi Designs original prints
NEW MODELS IN 01/08/2017
Samsung S8 and S8 Plus, as well as Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL are now amongst the range of phone case models you can find at Dessi Designs.
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