We are now offering the newest iPhone 11 models, as well as Google Pixel 4 in our slimline range of cases.
Bursting with vibrant colours and fresh designs it will help you get your phone and MacBook Summer ready.
Looking for a protective yet pretty case for your Samsung S10? We have you covered.
With Spring slowly approaching we are excited to present to you our new Spring designs.
After a long time postponing it, we finally decided to launch our BLOG. We wanted to create a space where, you can learn more about the designs, what inspired them and to share our journey with you.
After having the most amazing day of my life, I am happy to be back and full of inspiration for new designs.
Short Break 12/06/2018
Due to Dessi's Big Day we will be on a short break between 15th June and 7th July.
You can Pre-order yours now!
Looking forward to the sunny days we are releasing our new Spring- Summer collection 2018
NEW MODELS 29/09/2017
Excited for the new iPhone models released recently? So are we :)