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Tropical Paradise MacBook Case

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Full description

'Tropical Paradise' Premium MacBook Case

This MacBook Case design combines watercolour floral elements with a graphic animal print background. The floral elements give a very gentle look to the otherwise very prominent black and white pattern at the back. Inspired by some of the latest trends this case design will be a perfect way to protect your laptop!

We use our devices all the time, so why not them protected in a pretty way?

How to Choose the Correct Model?

You can check at the back of your MacBook for the following model numbers:
A1465 / A1370 - Macbook Air 11"
A1534 - MacBook 12" ( Fits all 12" models)
A1466 / A1369 - Macbook Air 13" 
A1932 /A2179- MacBook Air 13" 2018 and after
A2337 - MacBook Air13” M1
A2681 - MacBook Air 13" M2
A1502 / A1425 - Macbook Pro RETINA display 13"
A1706/ A1708- MacBook Pro 13" 2016 and after
A1989 /A2159 -  MacBook Pro 13" 2019
A2289 / A2251 - MacBook Pro 13" 2020
A2338- MacBook Pro 13” M1
A2338- MacBook Pro 13" M2
A2442 - MacBook Pro 14" 2021
A1398 - Macbook Pro RETINA display 15
A1707/ A1990- MacBook Pro 15" 2016 and after
A2141 - MacBook 16"
A2485 - MacBook Pro 16" 2021

About the Case

The pictures above show the two options you can choose from: WITH or WITHOUT the Apple logo. The first one will let you see the Apple logo, while the second one covers the whole surface. 
Our MacBook covers come in two parts: top and bottom. The print is only on the top one, due to the printing process and the bottom one will stay transparent.
This MacBook hardshell is made from high-quality lightweight plastic, that will protect your laptop from accidental damage and dust without adding unnecessary bulk to it.
Each case has slight variations of the design (will be more or less zoomed in), as all models are different sizes and shapes.