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Cactus - MacBook Case

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Cacti- Hard MacBook Case
- High quality print
- Protects your laptop from scratches and bumps
- Easy to put on and take off
- Made in the UK
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Cacti - MacBook Case

Perfect for all the cacti lovers. This case design features 4 of my cactus watercolour pots. The bright and trendy colours will definitely make your personal device stand out. 

We use our devices all the time, so why not protect them in a stylish way?

This design is available for all MacBook Models just choose yours from the list of options.

Please note that each case is made to order and printed according to your specifications, so please make sure you select the correct model when placing your order. :) More information on how to choose the right model is attached below ;)


The images above are examples of the two options you can have, WITH or WITHOUT the apple logo. One will allow your Apple logo to be visible at all times, while the other will cover the whole laptop surface, allowing the logo to shine slightly trough when the laptop is on. This is due to the different nature of ten metal and the apple logo as a light source.

Our MacBook covers come in two parts: top and bottom, however, the design is only printed on the top one, due to the printing process and the bottom one will stay transparent.

This case is made from a HARD TRANSPARENT PLASTIC, and unlike most other skins will wrap around your laptop and protect it from dents and scratches.

The artwork is printed directly onto the top case, using UV ink which ensures its durability. 

Each case has SLIGHT variations of the design (will be more or less zoomed in) because of the different sizes and shapes. 

Each cover has gaps for ventilation and allows easy access to plugs and ports. 


A1465 / A1370 - Macbook Air 11"
A1278 - Macbook Pro 13" ( NON RETINA DISPLAY ) 
A1286 - Macbook Pro 15" (NON RETINA DISPLAY )
A1466 / A1369 - Macbook Air 13"
A1502 / A1425 - Macbook Pro RETINA display 13"
A1398 - Macbook Pro RETINA display 15"
A1706 - MacBook Pro 13" 2016 and after- with Touch Bar
A1708 - MacBook Pro 13" 2016 and after- without Touch Bar
A1707 - MacBook Pro 15" 2016 and after- with Touch Bar

Since each order is custom made, please allow 1-3 working days for processing. Once the case is done, it is then shiped with Royal Mail using your preferred shipping option. :)