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Watercolour Blossoms - 11 oz Coffee / Tea Mug

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Watercolour Blossoms, 11oz.
- Perfect for Coffee or Tea
- Vibrant colours and high-quality print
- Handmade in the UK
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Watercolour Blossoms - 11 oz Coffee / Tea Mug

Watercolour Blossoms is features from the Dessi Designs Spring 2019 Collection. With its vibrant colours and unique design, it is truly state of the art.
So no matter if you are a coffee lover or tea lover, this 11oz mug will be a GREAT way to have your cuppa.

Each Watercolour Blossoms element has been hand drawn and coloured with watercolours before being scanned and transferred onto the mug.

You can have one on its own or a set of two to share with a friend or enjoy them both yourself. :)

About the Mug

This mug is made of ceramic, and it has a glossy finish.
The print runs throughout the whole mug, so there isn't handism -both righties and lefties can own it.
The artwork is printed directly onto the mug by heat transfer, which ensures its durability.

Mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, but I always recommend gentle hand washing.