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Valentine's Heart -Set of 2 Wooden Tealight Holders

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Valentine's Heart - A set of 2 Wooden Tealight Holders
- Hand crafted in the UK
- Made out of Beech wood
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St. Valentine's Wooden Tea Light Candleholders in White and Red.

This charming set of two wooden Tea Light Holders is hand made and crafted from beech wood. Each candleholder has a half heart, coloured with bright red paint. Combined together the two halves form a whole heart. With a touch of sentiment these tea light holders are a perfect gift for St. Valentine's day.  
They will also make a very good decoration for your home bringing some romance and warmth. 

About the Candleholders

The heart drawings are done by hand and may not be perfectly shaped, but this only adds to the uniqueness and charm of the tea light holders.
After being carefully hand crafted the candleholders were varnished with a white water based varnish for better protection from scratches and stains.

*PLEASE NOTE that the drawing is ONLY on THE FRONT side.