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Lemons - Tablet Case

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Lemons- Hard Tablet Case
- High quality print
- Protects your device from scratches and bumps
- Easy to put on and take off
- Made tin the UK
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Full description

'Lemons'  Tablet Case Design

Our fresh 'Lemons' design is a perfect way to style your tablet. The vibrant colours and the beautiful design will definitely catch all eyes.

We use our devices all the time, so why not have them protected in a stylish way?

This design is available for the most popular tablet models, just choose yours from the list of options, as well as on other items too. 

About the Case

The pictures above are examples of an iPad mini case, but you can choose your devise from the list, or if you can't find your model please get in touch and we will try to find a case for you.

The case itself is made from a light clear plastic that allows a stylish look without the bulk.

The design is then printed directly onto the case, which ensures its durability. It has a nice smooth finish.
Please note that on the more curved models there can be a slight fading towards the edges, due to the way the cases are made.

Each model will have slight variations of the final design - will be more or less zoomed in, as all models are different sizes and shapes. Also please be aware that different tablet cases require holes for sockets and the camera lens, which can obscure parts of the design.

Why Choose Dess Designs?

*They not only offer protection from scratches and bumps but are an amazing way to make a fashion statement and add style to your daily outfit.
*Have a smooth finish to ensure protection of the print.
*Offer close fitting and are ultra slim, so they add style without the bulk. 
*Each one is designed by me, Dessi and printed with a lot of care to provide a great quality. 😍
*and are made in the UK