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Lemons Desk Mat

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- High-quality print
- Protects your desk from scratches and bumps
- Non-slip rubber coating
- Waterproof
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About The Mat

This pretty and colourful desk mat is made out of smooth fabric, padded with non-slip rubber base. The edges are stitched to prevent from rolling up or fuzzing and prolong the life of the desk mat.

A desk mat is a great way to protect your surface from scratches and various stains and is easy to clean after use. It also adds personal touches and colour to your space.
Additionally it can double as a mousepad as well as a desk mat.

Why Choose Dessi Designs Mats?

*They not only offer protection from scratches and bumps but are an amazing way to make your desk more personal.
*Provides a softer surface
*Helps a keyboard / laptop stay in position and gives a mouse greater usability whilst protecting it from excessive wear underneath
*Workspace Aesthetics - A Desk Mat can greatly enhance the overall look and style of a workspace
*Each one is an original Dessi Designs and printed with a lot of care to provide great quality. 😍