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Flamingos -Clear Phone Case

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Flamingos- Transparent Snap Phone Case
- High quality print
- Protects your phone from scratches and bumps
- Easy to put on and take off
- Made in the UK
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Full description

Flamingos - Clear Phone Case

This phone case design was inspired by the tropical and heavenly pretty pink flamingos. With each element handrawnd and coloured with watercolours, we wanted to achieve a bit more different and complex design for your phone.

We carry our phones everywhere, so why not protected them in a pretty way?

The images above are showing example of an iPhone 6 Plus case. 

The cover itself is made out of hard transparent plastic and the chosen design is printed directly onto the case. 

We use special Uv inks that ensure high quality print with vibrant colours and long life.

Please note that due to the different shape and size of each model there will be slight variation in the printed design. The final artwork may look more or less zoomed in or out as well as some devices require special holes in the cases for camera and speakers, which may obscure some parts of the design too.


*They not only offer protection from scratches and bumps but are an amazing way to make a fashion statement and add some style to your daily outfit.
*Have a smooth finish to ensure protection of the print.
*Offer close fitting and are ultra slim, so they add style without the bulk. 
*Each one is designed by me and printed with a lot of care to provide a great quality. 😍
*and are made in the UK