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Enjoy Today - Pop Phone Socket

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Enjoy Today -Pop Phone Socket
- High-quality print
- Allows easy device grip
- Easy to put on and take off
- Made in the UK
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Enjoy Today - an extended holder for easier and better device gripping. 

You can get it on its own or combined with one of our pretty phone cases, to create the perfect combination for you.


Pop Phone Sockets are expanding pieces that can be used as phone grips or stands. Not only useful but printed with our original designs they add extra glam to your phone. They are removable and easy to use.

WHY CHOOSE DessiDesigns?

*We not only offer protection for your devices and cute homeware but all our items are an amazing way to make a fashion statement and add some style to your daily outfit.
*Have a smooth finish and scratch-resistant print.
*Each one is designed by Dessi and printed with a lot of care to provide a great quality. 😍
*and are made in the UK