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Cacti -Watercolour Wall Print

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Cacti Print / Wall Art 5'' x 7'' (13cm x 18cm)
-Bright colours and high quality print
-Made in the UK
-Worldwide shipping available
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Our watercolour Cacti Print will brighten up every space. With the vibrant colours and high quality paper it makes a great addition to your wall art.

After carefully drawing each cactus pot, the artworks have been scanned and edited digitally, before being printed on a lovely Conqueror Laid Paper. This type of paper imitates teh original watercolour paper so teh final product looks exactly like the original.

There are two options - Diamond White ( the white one) and Oyster ( the creamy one) colour.


Each PRINT is 5'' x 7'' (13cm x 18cm) printed on a Conqueror Laid Paper.

The design is based on my hand drawn water-colour artworks, which you can find printed on some other products too, for more information have a look at the front of the shop.  

*PLEASE NOTE that each print comes WITHOUT the frame and the accessories in the images above. 

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