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How to Select Your MacBook Model

With so many MacBook models out there, it can be really confusing figuring out what model case you need to select when placing an order. Is your MacBook Pro a Non-Retina? Are you sure you have the Late 2018 MacBook Air 13, or is it a MacBook Air from 2017?

This trick will tell you EXACTLY what MacBook you have!

If you look underneath your MacBook, you will find a small body of text. Within that text contains the model number of the MacBook you are using. It is a five-digit code that looks like “A1932”.

When selecting your MacBook Case on the Dessi-Designs website, you can be sure that you select the correct case size by matching this Model Number to your selection from the drop-down menu!

You can see all of Dessi-designs MacBook Cases HERE.

Easy :)

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