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How to Choose the Best Phone Case for You

Smartphones are getting tougher with each day, and there are even a few waterproof phone models on the market now, but most of them will not go through an accident without a scratch.
To make sure your expensive and luxurious phone stays protected it is always best to use a phone case. But with so many out there how to choose the right one for you? 

There are a few things to consider when deciding what type of case to get and what you buy depends on how and where you use your phone. A slim plastic case may be all you need if your phone goes through the normal everyday bumps and minor drops.

We have created a short list with factors to cinsider before you choose your next phone case.

At Dessi Designs we try to cover all basis and we offer 3 styles of phone cases.

-Slimine Phone Case: It is made out of hard clear plastic, on which we print the artwork. This style of case protects the sides and has raised edge to shield the camera. A prefered choise by many due to its light weight, accessibility and protection.

-Bumper Phone Case: They have an aluminium bumper frame with a rubber ring that cushions the sides of the phone. The back is protected with a clear back plate on which we print the design. The frames are made of metallic colour to match your phone. They provide better protection and are still sleek.

-Impact Phone Case:  This style of cell-phone case usually prioritise protection over style, however ours are designed with style in mind too. Available in 3 popular colours (White, Black and Grey) the frames are made out of TPU and rubber to protect the phone from accidental drops and damages. They also have back plate to protect the back side of your phone, printed with a design of your choice.

-Plastic /TPU: This is one of the most common used material when it comes to smartphone cases. The plastic case offers good scratch and impact resistance, a good way to protect your device against scratches and accidental drops. It also allows for more intricate and sophisticated designs than silicone and they won't change in colour over time too.Slimline Phone Case

-Aluminium: Aluminium offers excellent rigidity and protection. Our cases are designed in combination with a rubber ring for extra cushioning, so your phone is protected against damage when dropped. Due to the material they are very elegant and offer a virtually invisible way of protection.
Bumper Phone Case

-TPU and Rubber - The Impact cases we offer are created by using these two materials together. They provide full protection and are generally a bit bulkier but still have style in mind. Rubber absorbs shocks better compared to plastic.  
Impact tough case

When it comes to popular models there are so many, from Apple's iPhone range, Samsung, Google to One Plus models.
Our slimline cases are available in a wide range of models, trying to cover the most popular ones, so more of you can enjoy our designs, while still kepping their expensive phones safe.
Our bumper cases and Impact cases are only available for iPhone models at the moment.

Almost all of our designs are available in the 3 style cases offering you more choice in terms of price and style. 
There are 2 different design types: Clear/ Transparent and Full
Designer Phone Case

The clear designs allow you to showcase the beautifully designed and luxurious phone, using it as a background for our pretty designs. It offers a minimalistic look, but with a pop of colour.
Our full colour designs are great way to express your individuality and character by choosing the pattern and theme that matches you the best.
All our designs are also original and hand-illustrated, printed with a lot of care inhouse.

With all the factors that we shared, now you can make a confident decision on what case to get. 
Check our full range here.

We have since sold our bumper and impact cases, but are looking to stock some new ones soon.

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