Sharks -Clear Bumper Phone Case

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Sharks Clear Bumper Case Front View. Available at
Sharks clear phone case. Available at

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"Sharks" - Clear Bumper Phone Case
- High quality print
- Protects your phone from scratches and bumps
- Easy to put on and take off
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The Phone Case design features some of the most beautiful types of sharks.
We use watercolours to create the artwork because it gives a bit more  texture and beautiful colour blending to the final design. 

The transparent design allows your phone to be visible underneath creating a natural background for the artwork. 

About The Case

The images above are example for an iPhone 6s Bumper Case.
The Bumper cover is made from two parts : aluminium frame available in 4 colours- Rose Gold, Gold, Silver and Black and a clear hard plastic back plate. Each case may have slight variations in print as all cases are different sizes and shapes. 


Why Choose Dessi Designs Case?

*They not only offer protection from scratches and bumps but are an amazing way to make a fashion statement and add some style to your daily outfit.
*Offer close fitting and are ultra slim, so they add style without the bulk. 
*Each one is designed by me and printed with care to provide high quality. 😍
*Made in the UK