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Floral Wreath Bumper Phone Case

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'Floral Wreath' Bumper phone case
Floral wreath - impact phone case
'Floral Wreath' hard phone cover

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Floral Wreath Bumper Phone Case
- High quality print
- Protects your phone from scratches and bumps
- Easy to put on and take off
- Made in the UK
- Worldwide Shipping available
Full description

Floral Wreath 

This beautiful and elegant design was designed to add the finishing touches on your big day!
The clear design allows your luxurious phone to be visisble  creating a nice background for the white florals.
You can have one for you and a matching one for your bridesmaids crew.


About The Case

The example images above are of cases for iPhone 6 Plus.
The Bumper case is made from two parts : aluminium frame available in 4 colours- Rose Gold, Gold, Silver and Black and a clear hard plastic back plate. Each case may have slight variations in print as all cases are different sizes and shapes. 


Why Choose Dessi Designs Case?

*They not only offer protection from scratches and bumps but are an amazing way to make a fashion statement and add some style to your daily outfit.
*Offer close fitting and are ultra slim, so they add style without the bulk. 
*Each one is designed by me and printed with care to provide high quality. 😍
*Made in the UK